Questionnaire 2020-2021

The Academic Training Committee is pleased to ask for your help in planning the programme of lectures for the new academic year starting in September 2020.

To provide your input please fill in the electronic questionnaires linked below. You are invited to give brief personal details and answer questions on the general organisation of the programme (Q0) and to recommend "High Energy Physics" (Q1) and "Science and Technology" (Q2) subjects.

When filling in Q1 and Q2 please only vote for those lecture series in which you are genuinely interested and likely to attend or watch offline if you are not available on the dates the lectures are delivered.

This Questionnaire will be closed on <add close date>

QUESTIONNAIRE No. 0 Personal Information and Programme Format
QUESTIONNAIRE No. 1 High Energy Physics
QUESTIONNAIRE No. 2 Science and Technology

The Committee would like to thank everyone who has provided valuable input in the past and looks forward to receiving your contribution.